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Nuevas Ilusiones is a community within the Ixcán municipality of the El Quiché department of Guatemala, about 2 miles south of the Mexican border. Currently home to approximately 350 inhabitants, the Nuevas Ilusiones area has trouble retaining water in the local wells during the January-May dry season. This was not an issue in the past, but began occurring as a frequent problem in the 1980’s and 1990’s when rains decreased.
During these years there was also a great deal of deforestation and tree clear-cutting; which the local population believes is the cause of the rainfall shortage. There were proposed solutions to this problem in the past, such as building a dam to retain water near the community and pumping it into a storage tank. However, lack of funds and interest by the government lead to the project’s failure.
Currently during the wet season (June-December), there are 3 wells within the community that preserve water for the inhabitants. However, during the dry months (January-May), the nearest sources of water are a spring (~1.5 km away) and a stream (~2.0 km away), the qualities of which are not conducive for drinking.
Since the 1990’s, families of the community have been forced to independently purchase water from a private individual that transports water from these areas in a pickup-truck. Producing a simpler, more accessible, and cost-effective means of water access in the dry months is desired in order to enhance the well-being and quality of living of the Nuevas Ilusiones community.



Nuevas Ilusiones


It is the intent of this project to develop a water transportation, storage, and distribution system within the community which will provide ideal amounts of potable water and reduce the health risks which are currently endured. 


The initial assessment trip was completed in May 2012. It allowed the project team to establish a relationship with the community, while increasing its knowledge of the available resources in and around Nuevas Ilusiones. Over the next year, a well was designed that would fulfill the water demands of the community during the dry season. An implementation team then traveled to the community in March of 2014 to support the well drilling and installation of the pump. More information was gathered to help plan the water filtration, storage, and distribution systems.


EWB-HOI is committed to supporting the efforts in Nuevas Ilusiones for five years. This will allow our chapter to provide a sustainable source of water, lasting years into the future and allowing for healthy growth in the community. Now that the well has been drilled and pump installed, we are developing water storage, filtration, and distribution systems. These will allow easy and clean access to the water for all members of the community.